Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use Allied Markets as a Cattle Seller?
Allied Markets provides the best of both worlds - increased competition, low cost and a negotiated sale agreement prior to cattle leaving the property.

Why would I use Allied Markets as a Cattle Buyer?
Allied Markets offers buyers a greater selection of cattle directly from vendors, which avoids additional animal strees, costs and injury typically assoicated with tradional methods.

How do I list my cattle?
Listing cattle is done via the online portal. Sellers need to describe their cattle and upload photos of them.

How much does it cost?
The Seller pays a marketing fee once cattle are deliveried. This fee covers listing, adminstration and guaranteed payment to approved buyers. There is no cost to the cattle buyer. 

Are there any costs if I don't sell my cattle?
No, charges only apply when cattle are sold.

Are payments guaranteed?
Yes, payments are guaranteed to approved buyers.

Can anyone buy and sell cattle using Allied Markets?
Yes, to use Allied Markets, cattle buyers, agents and sellers need to complete the online registration, once completed they are ready to list or buy cattle.

Can Private agents use the service?
Yes, private agents are able to use the service to increase exposure of their client's cattle to more buyers. Further, they can also gain access to more cattle for clients from other cattle listings.